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A quality network

Dear Interested Person, Dear Colleagues!

The Austrian Professional Association for Kinesiology (ÖBK) sees itself as the representative of all kinesiologists and people interested in kinesiology in Austria. Through your membership, you support the work of the ÖBK, the dissemination to and acceptance of kinesiology by the public, as well as the idea of a community. Kinesiology is one of the most widespread working methods in the field of energetics in Austria.

A number of individuals founded the Austrian Professional Association for Kinesiology in 1995 in order to define structures and quality standards for our profession. In the years since then, we have succeeded in bringing our work to a high level of education, and have created a place for the energetic kinesiology practitioners in our society where the ideas, philosophies, and ethical demands of the methods are described – something which this valuable work needs.

The ÖBK has become a central place in Austria through which all those who are in or have completed kinesiology training can help shape the development of their own profession. The realization of a great idea needs the bundling of all positive forces in our country.

We invite you to support and participate in this force.

Christian Dillinger
Board of the ÖBK

ÖBK service profile

  • ongoing offers for all members (e.g.: Jour fixe in Vienna)
  • Continuing education offers for all members
  • We actively promote the profession of kinesiologist within the WKÖ.
  • We are working on a solid legal basis for the profession of Kinesiology in cooperation with legal advisors and experts from the fields of medicine, psychology, life and social counseling and supervision.
  • We are internationally networked and work on further intensive contacts.
  • We are actively positioned in the WKÖ for kinesiology.
  • We are the connecting link between all kinesiological methods and training schools.
  • We offer professional contacts.
  • Representation and consultation of the members
  • Our internet presentation platform for our members reaches an average of 470 page views / 72 visits daily.
  • With our service center we are gladly available for your inquiries.
  • Our professional group magazine IMPULS is a presentational medium for our members.
  • ÖBK folder for professional use for our active members
  • A network between members and people interested in kinesiology. Our members are professionally and qualitatively certified kinesiologists.
  • Our members can be recognized by the ÖBK-certificate and the ÖBK-membership card.
  • With the ÖBK membership card, our members receive discounts on various offers.

We invite all kinesiologists to actively join this powerful new movement and support it with ideas and im-pulses.

Our goal is to make the seriousness and effectiveness of our services transparent to a broader public through appropriate quality assurance and a clear professional image.

Through active participation in working groups, we offer representatives of the various methods to contribute creatively and to shape the future of kinesiology together. Let’s use synergies to present ourselves as a competent, powerful professional group to the public!

Working groups:

  • Professional profile / training criteria
  • Ethics
  • Professional journal Kinesiology IMPULS
  • Public relations

Contacts within the ÖBK

Our postal address is:
Österreichischer Berufsverband für Kinesiologie (ÖBK)
c/o Pauline Helminger
Klein-Köstendorf 10/2
5203 Köstendorf

Board of the ÖBK

Prof. Pia Scheidl

vize chairwoman

4100 Ottensheim
0664/429 12 97
Skype: pia_barbara1

Ute Trunk

Vize Secretary

1100 Wien
0680/33 50 760
Skype: ute_trunk

Ulrike Icha

Co-opted member of the Board of Directors

1120 Wien
0680/218 52 15

Barbara Schusta
Barbara Schusta

Co-opted member of the Board of Directors

5400 Rif bei Salzburg
0664/88 432 891

Claudia Krainhoefner
Claudia Krainhöfner

Co-opted member of the Board of Directors

Board of the ÖBK


Elisabeth Schuster

2443 Loretto   |   0650/86 42 464


Eva Magdalena Sgaga

9772 Dellach   |   0676/530 59 89

Lower Austria

Ursula Kralinger

3421 Höflein/Donau   |   0650/450 48 00

Lower Austria

Vera Trischack

2130 Mistelbach   |   0676/39 70 780

Upper Austria

Gerlinde Gabbert

4644 Scharnstein   |   0650/40 36 361


Barbara Schusta

5400 Rif bei Salzburg   |   0664 88 432 891


Mag. Christian Dillinger

8010 Graz   |   0676/523 72 65


Eva Magdalena Sgaga

9772 Dellach   |   0676/530 59 89


Eva Magdalena Sgaga

9772 Dellach   |   0676/530 59 89


Claudia Krainhöfner

1130 Wien   |   0699/10 111 821

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