OEBK - Austrian Professional Association for Kinesiology


Become a ÖBK member
All info around the registration formalities
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Become a ÖBK Member

Professional Kinesiologist

Level 3

€ 135,00
annual fee

Training criteria see in the detailed info below

Kinesiology Practitioner

Level 2

€ 65,00
annual fee

Still in training, but not yet met all criteria for Level 3.

Kinesiology Student

Level 1

€ 25,00
annual fee

Started an accredited apprenticeship with the goal of upgrading to Level 3 within 3 years.

Supporting Membership

They want to support kinesiology, its development and dissemination in Austria.

€ 25,00
anual fee

only financial support of the ÖBK.
Upon request, your name will be published as a supporting member

at events and partners of the ÖBK with the membership card

1 copy free of charge, more on request if shipping costs are paid

OEBK office, collaboration in the board, newsletter, federal state teams, working groups, …

One year, automatic renewal for another year.

Level 1 however limited to a maximum of 3 years.

Written notice of cancellation for the following year by November 30 of the current year

We also appreciate and thank you for any contribution with which you support the work of ÖBK.

Please always by 31 January at the latest for the current year to the account of the ÖBK at

Raiffeisenbank Kleinmünchen Linz,

BANK CODE: 34226
account number: 332387
IBAN: AT943422600000332387