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Training content

The training provides an overview of the extensive field of kinesiology and then allows you to implement what you have learned in your profession/everyday life.
Main topics and contents:

  1. Learning basic kinesiological knowledge and advanced techniques: Muscle testing, techniques from Touch for Health®, Brain Gym®, and advanced balances.
  2. Perception training and self-awareness: Emotional stress reduction, dealing with kinesiology and clients, opening all senses, recognizing and implementing personal strengths and abilities, conducting client conversations, working out goals, working in peer groups, training and practicing what has been learned in small groups.
  3. Correct implementation in the respective area of application / everyday professional life: in-depth work with kinesiological balances, efficient work with the SNEAK test (finger modes), the course of a consultation, independent implementation of what has been learned.

The seminars can be booked individually or as a complete training.

The training includes 160 training hours 10 x 2 days, each Friday afternoon/evening,
Saturday from 9.00 to 18.00 and ends with the independent demonstration of the acquired knowledge.

These personal experiences create the basis for independent and stress-free kinesiological work in the profession.

After successful completion, the participant receives a certificate as well as the confirmation of participation for Touch For Health® I/II/III, as well as Brain-Gym® I and II.
Afterwards the participant has the free choice for further kinesiological training directions, which can be easily integrated into the already acquired knowledge and put into practice.

Participants who have already attended Touch for Health® and/or Brain Gym® courses will receive credit for these seminars or a course discount (approx. 50%) in case of repetition. The basic Touch for Health® and/or Brain Gym® seminars are structured to build upon each other.


  1. Touch for Health I (complete contents)
  2. Touch for Health II (complete contents)
  3. Brain Gym I (complete contents)
  4. Brain Gym II (complete contents)
  5. Emotional Stress Reduction – Past/Present/Future
  6. Touch for Health III (complete contents)
  7. Communication and more – practical implementation of what has been learned in individual counseling, opening the channels of perception via kinesiological and other selected techniques.
  8. Weekend: Working efficiently in counseling. Personal stress reduction in dealing with clients. Working with finger modes.
  9. Advanced work with finger modes. Role plays. Kinesiological work on brain organization, Kinesiological highlights of other kinesiological directions.
  10. Basic perception systems and reflexes, final presentation, testing Practice evenings of 3 hours each are planned between the seminars.

Speakers: Mag. Christian Dillinger, Ingrid Fink

Further information and registration: MOVING Institut, A-8020 Graz, Lagergasse 33

Phone: 0316/71 88 11-0 Fax: 0316/71 88 11 – 4

Mail: info@movinginstitut.at

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