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Method & History


„BraiNLP®“ was founded as a brand in 2008 by Barbara Schusta. 2 most effective methods were combined by her: Kinesiology and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming).

Her attention was also focused on methods concerning the regulation of the temporomandibular joint, as this is where most of the nerve cords of our entire body are bundled, which has a tremendous impact on our overall well-being.

Barbara Schusta brought the energetic solution possibility R.E.S.E.T.® jaw relaxation to Austria. After more than 10 years of R.E.S.E.T.® in her practice in Rif near Hallein/Salzburg and seminars all over Austria – with more than 600 participants until 2021 – „Kiefer-Gym®“ was developed due to the large number of experiences. This is a balancing method especially for the chewing, jaw, neck and shoulder muscles as well as a self-help program for those affected.

What do Kinesiology & NLP mean to Barbra Schusta?

Both methods are results-oriented, which links them together. Specifically in change work with beliefs, kinesiology and NLP use a sequence of interventions to replace limiting beliefs (Beliefs) with beneficial beliefs.

When her then 2-year-old son was diagnosed with severe visual impairment with strabismus in 2005, the „healthy eye“ was taped off to train the „bad“ eye. However, with the help of kinesiological methods, she managed to get her son to wear this „eye patch“ for only a few days. Now he wears only contact lenses and there is no trace of strabismus anymore.

At the end of January 2010, her husband suffered three severe strokes in a row with a 2-week stay in intensive care. He could neither speak nor walk. After he was discharged from the hospital, in agreement with the doctor of the „Stroke Unit“ department of the hospital, they worked intensively with kinesiology and NLP on his recovery. .

In May of the same year, he was able to return to his usual/loved activity – giving business seminars. The countless before/after experiences of the seminar participants and the clients confirmed and encouraged them to continue on their way.
What are the contents of the diploma training at the BraiNLP® Academy?

Touch for Health

Touch for Health contains elements of chiropractic, kinesiology, acupressure and nutritional science. Touch for Health can be used privately and professionally in wellness, sports, or therapy, i.e. any area of life. Through various muscle tests we get a meaningful picture of the current energetic state of our meridians. The Chinese health teachings form an important frame of reference for recognizing imbalances in the energy system. The muscle test gives us information on how and with which method imbalances can be corrected.

Brain Gym®

„There are no learning disabilities, only learning blocks“ is a quote from Dr. Paul Dennison, the founder of Brain Gym®. Together with his wife Gail he developed the methods
Brain Gym® and Edu-Kinestetics. These aim to activate implementation power and life energy for learning, health and development issues. Brain Gym® balances are valuable for health promotion and personality development. Brain Gym® uses scientific findings from the fields of communication psychology, brain research and energy medicine and draws on empirical values in its application.


is a simple and gentle system that relaxes the jaw muscles while balancing the imbalance of the temporomandibular joint. The TMJ affects the entire body, including the skeletal, muscular, meridian and nervous systems, as well as hydration. Therefore, balancing the jaw muscles and simultaneously harmonizing the TMJ has far-reaching positive effects on the entire body. Holistic dental system. Our teeth have a significant influence on all body systems. They are much more than just chewing tools. They have connections to the spinal nervous system via the trigeminal nerve, which is why „communication“ between organs and meridians is possible. They are also important for our posture, as they do the „fine tuning“ of our spine with a correct bite. We deal with tooth alignment and recognize possible causes of a „bad bite“. With the help of the kinesiological muscle test, we determine any existing imbalances and can bring them into balance with the methods learned.

Kinesiology & NLP

Kinesiology is an effective method with which we find out any energy blockages, stress triggers or energetic deficits. With kinesiological measures tailored to the client, these imbalances can be balanced. NLP is the „study of successful behavior“. This means that solutions are always sought instead of problems. Both methods are about changing emotional processes in people. The goal is to learn how to bring about positive changes, then integrate those changes into one’s life, and ultimately have a better life as a result. Just as if you program a computer, you can also „program“ yourself. The term NLP is meant to express that processes in the brain (= neuro) can be changed (= programming) with the help of language (= linguistic) on the basis of systematic instructions for action. The understanding of the basis of verbal and non-verbal communication as well as the mastery of individual NLP techniques in connection with the kinesiological muscle test complete this module.

Practice and self-awareness

Learning is experience – everything else is „just“ information.

This is one of the guiding principles we follow at BraiNLP®. We put a lot of emphasis on practical experience in the course, so that each participant can immediately put the learning material into practice afterwards. In each of the 11 modules of the diploma training, as many balances as possible are carried out in a „protected setting“, so that participants can then start right away independently in peer groups between the seminar weekends. Any questions that may arise can be asked immediately, even between modules. Practical experiences are discussed at the beginning of each course to ensure that everything has been understood and implemented correctly. An absolute „highlight“ are the outdoor units, which we hold in suitable weather conditions at the Königseeache and also at Europe’s probably strongest energy point, at the Untersberg.

Diploma graduation - TESTIVAL

The final module consists of both a written and a practical part. Contents from the training are also presented by the participants. The ethical principles of our profession are also part of the training. The main goal is for the graduates to feel absolutely secure and comfortable in their work and to be able to apply their knowledge competently and with pleasure.

The training includes a total of 204 hours, of which 185 hours are recognized by the ÖBK – Austrian Professional Association for Kinesiology.

This means that after successful completion the requirements for a „Level-3“ membership with the ÖBK are given.

Origin of the method

As it is so often said in life? "It finds you!" That's exactly how it was with me and kinesiology. It found me. The time was ripe to move away from the daily routine of sales and management at a large retail company to something new for me. And so began for me the exciting journey behind the mirror! I started my training directly at the base with Dr. Paul Dennison, Dr. Carla Hannaford, Dr. Andrea Schroepel, Philip Rafferty, Society of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler and many more. In 2008 I founded my own brand "BraiNLP®" a combination of two, for me, the most effective methods: Kinesiology and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). Barbara Schusta

Contributions to BraiNLP®