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Three in One Concepts (3 in 1)
Method for stress reducation

Method & History

Three In One Concepts®, created by Gordon
Stokes and Daniel Whiteside in 1983, is a method for coping with negative emotional stress. The content is based on results of brain research combined with Asian and Western methods of stress management.

The focus of Three In One Concepts® is on working through the negative, emotionally formative situations that continue to limit our choices and shape our „belief systems/thought patterns“ in
the present.

Three In One Concepts® refers to the integration of body, mind, and spirit.

Our lives in the present are strongly determined by the past. There are situations that can shape us both positively and negatively. Often, past experiences that were experienced as unpleasant and
limiting determine our present and also future decisions. When there is prolonged pressure or tension, negative emotional stress often manifests itself in self-talk that expresses self-doubt.

Often we believe that we have relieved the negative stress through mental understanding and comprehension alone, however our body often still remembers these experiences, which can be revealed through biofeedback (muscle testing).

In a Three In One Concepts® individual session and in the Three In One Concepts® courses, this negative stress is revealed by means of precise muscle testing in order to recognise and release blockages in the communication between body, emotions and brain.

In which areas can help be offered?

  • Learning difficulties/excessive demands/pressure to perform
  • Blocked ability to learn
  • Speaking in public or taking exams
  • Improving memory
  • Music (voice and instruments)
  • Writing, reading, foreign languages, etc.
  • Personality development
  • Developing individual strengths and talents
  • Self-fulfilment, e.g., profession
  • Increasing self-responsibility
  • Being able to say no to others
  • Access to one’s own resources
  • Being able to communicate clearly in stressful situations



By understanding one’s own structure/function (unique patterns of thinking/acting/and feeling) and those of the „other person“, actions and statements can be accepted in an unbiased and open way. This also results in an equal basis for communication.

This means that our innate genetic disposition, how we instinctively think, act, and feel, can determine our basic patterns of behaviour in life. However, if there is self-doubt, guilt, and fear, we can lose confidence in our instinctive perception.

Behavioural Barometer

The behavioural barometer is a unique listing of emotional states. Using biofeedback/muscle testing, the client indicates to themselves where on the behavioural barometer their personal emotional stress is in relation to the goal/topic they are striving for.

Precise muscle testing/biofeedback

Muscle testing is biofeedback of the body. Using the Three In One Concepts® method, the effects of negative emotions on muscles are tested. This allows us to „communicate“ with the unconscious and cellular memory of the body, independent of the „belief systems“ of the conscious mind. This biofeedback thus enables communication with the whole memory and creates an access to our individual resources.

The feedback from the body also serves as a unique signpost for individual solutions.

Origin of the method

[Photo caption:] Gordon Stokes / Daniel Whiteside

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