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Kinesiology according to Dr. Klinghardt®

Method & History

consists of three parts:

Regulation Diagnostics according to Dr. Klinghardt® (RD)
Psycho-Kinesiology according to Dr. Klinghardt® (PK)
Mental Field Technique according to Dr. Klinghardt® (MFT)

It is based on the Indian yoga teachings. The „healing pyramid“ consists of 5 levels, which influence each other and interact with each other. Each higher level has an organizing influence on the lower levels. The lower levels supply the higher levels with energy. In these levels one arranges the individual stresses and sets suitable interventions.

Each level has its own order and laws that must be understood. The lower three levels belong to the personal realm, the fourth and fifth levels to the super-personal realm.

Rarely is a problem purely on the physical level, so the following applies:

  • A problem must be addressed at the level at which it arose or at one of the levels above it.
  • Most problems have aspects on several of the 5 levels.
  • Interventions can affect the lower 4 levels. The 5th level is a very personal one and therefore can be influenced primarily by the client.

Profound changes require appropriate interventions on all 5 levels.

Origin of the method

In his 30 years as a physician, Dr. Klinghardt has developed a holistic healing model that addresses all levels of the human being and takes them into account in his therapy concept. The "healing pyramid" includes the physical, emotional/energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual levels.

Contributions according to Dr. Klinghardt