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Course for PK-Consultant according to Dr.Klinghardt®

The individual methods are taught in a compact course with its own conclusion:

RD – Regulation Diagnostics according to Dr. Klinghardt ®.

The RD is a kinesiological test method.

Using the muscle test, 7 main factors are tested that limit the regulatory ability and self-healing powers of the human being. Special techniques are used to release the limitations and restore the „open regulation“, that is, the ability of the system to regulate itself.

The 7 main factors are as follows:

– Unresolved emotional stress
– energetic interference fields (scars, organs, meridians, teeth, etc.)
– Intolerances and allergies
– Electrophysical and geopathic stress
– Toxic stress due to environmental influences
(residues of heavy metals, solvents, etc.)
– lack of nutrients
– structural stress

The tested stress factors are primarily balanced energetically, if this is not sufficient, the client is referred to authorized professionals for further treatment.

For PK and MFT applies:

With every stressful event, limiting beliefs arise in our mental field, which are stored for life. Sentences such as „I am worthless,“ or „I can’t do it,“ unconsciously accompany us through our daily lives and we align our behavior accordingly. The more limiting beliefs are stored in us, the more the body tries to free itself from them. This often leads to chronic complaints.

In PK and MFT, the client replaces the limiting beliefs with freeing ones. As a result, lasting, positive changes in life become possible.

Method Representative

Ulrike Simona Grosch
01 526 71 40 – usgrosch@web.de

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