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Training AMATÉ Kinesiology

Training Content

Modules and their contents

AKi 1 Basics of Kinesiology
Pre-tests, 2 types of switching, AR, other muscle tests, regulation diagnosis, causality testing, priority testing, Bach flower testing, priority testing, biochemistry, teeth, heavy metals, drainage, history of kinesiology

AKi 2 EDxTM1 + pre-tests
amagetic and psychic reversals, NAEM, 14 point protocol, single point, multi point, extended single point and extended multi point protocol, affirmation work, fusion test

AKi 3 Protocol Density Energy
Resource protocol, scanning without concerns, ethics, core beliefs, color glasses, visual resource point, visual stress point, dealing with feelings, forehead-neck posture, two- and multi-pointing

AKi 4 Protocol Fine Energy
Interaction testing, chakra testing, energy body testing, kinesiological supervision of centering, system dynamic testing, sound balancing

AKi 5 Past Life Protocol
Regression technique, reincarnative laws of consciousness, partnership scanning, other reflex clearing methods, protocol for partnership sessions

AKi 6 Allergy clearing
Surrogate protocol, meridian drawing, quick clearing, endocrine compensation

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