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AMATÉ Kinesiology

Method & History

Amaté Kinesiology locates and balances imbalances in the energy body and its chakras, as well as internal and external energetic interactions and behaviors of the energy being. The precise interrogation through muscle testing requires the energetic integrity of the tester, which is why self-awareness is part of the training. Conversation techniques are also taught for professional pre- and post-testing.

AKi® is an effective tool for working on the energetic background of stress and a variety of concerns in daily life.

AMATÉ® kinesiology focuses on the client’s emotional-energetic entanglements, inherited emotions, individual energetic behaviors, attention fixations and interactions.

AMATÉ® kinesiology assumes that every physical, psychological and energetic problem is co-caused by stressful stimulus-response patterns and inner conflicts.

AMATÉ® Kinesiology is precise in locating the causes and connections of these blocking emotions, which are cleared through a variety of techniques. This causes a sustainable activation of the self-healing powers. By incorporating resource and belief work, the client’s resources are activated.

AMATÉ® kinesiology is derived from several integrative elements and competencies. In the foreground is the inclusion of the testing instrument itself: The person of the tester.

AMATÉ®-Kinesiology specializes in neutral testing ability and coaching quality of the tester, through energetic and psycho-emotional self-competence, eliminating uncertainty factors and sources of error in testing.

Origin of the method

Contributions to AKi®