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Energy Diagnostic & Treatment Methods / Advanced Energy Psychology® (AEP)

Method & History

EDxTM™ is an innovative, highly effective approach to treating stress-related problems of all kinds.

This effective technique was founded by Dr. Fred Gallo/USA from a synthesis of concepts of applied kinesiology, hypnosis coaching, NLP and interventions derived from acupressure.
Gallo is now considered one of the world’s leading experts and teaching trainers in the field of energetic treatment modalities, and is also the author of several professional books (see under „Bibliography“). In 2001 he held his first advanced training seminar in Germany, which within a very short time led to a strong demand among colleagues and to further trainings.

Everything is energy

The theoretical background of the energetic treatment approach goes back to Einstein’s famous formula: E = m x c². Ultimately, everything is energy – including thoughts. Energy as such is at the most fundamental level of being. Einstein’s formula E = mc² asserts that energy and matter are interchangeable aspects of the same reality. Energy manifests itself in different states and forms.
Electricity is measurable, as are electromechanical, electroacoustic, and electromagnetic forms of energy. However, it is highly probable that there are such subtle types of energy that they are not measurable with our presently available instrumentation. If fundamentally everything is energy, the same is true of all our thinking.

Thoughts are thought fields

In physics there is the idea of fields. How does the nucleus of an atom stay together if all the particles there have the same charge? There must be a field that keeps the particles with the same charge together. And why is the electron not attracted to the nucleus? There must be another field which keeps this distance. Fields (LifeFields, Burr, 1972) are responsible for which form something gets (e.g. the body form of the salamander, into which it grows again, even if it has lost limbs).
limbs). Every 4 7 years every atom of our body is renewed, but we remain „the same“: we can recognize each other, even years later: there is a field that holds us together.
Roger Callahan defined the term „thought field“. This is like a physical field, but it is maintained by thoughts. Thus, problems can be seen as disturbances in thought fields, and this field or its disturbance is not split off, but has an energetic counterpart. Such a treatment, if it could be directed precisely to an energy level, would be more thorough and immediate in its effect than any previous approach.

Stressful feelings and thoughts are disturbances in the flow of energy through the meridians.

Assuming that every problem is a disturbance in the free flow of energy through the meridians, it is obvious to remove this blockage, since the trigger itself cannot be undone. In this sense, the energetic treatment is a causally effective treatment to solve various stressors.
By tapping on certain meridian points, the memory part of a thought field remains, but the energetic part that causes the disturbance, i.e. the stress, dissolves (TFT, Callahan).

How to work on the stressors with EDxTM™?

The blocked energy flow in the meridians is stimulated again by simply tapping the corresponding treatment point associated with the problem. In addition, affirmations appropriate to the respective meridian are pronounced, which also have a strengthening effect.

The dissolution of so-called psychological inversions plays a key role in successful treatment. If such a reversal exists, unconscious motives can run counter to the declared goals, which means that the body energetically „sabotages“ this goal, i.e. „works against“ it. Now, if a Psychic Reversal is reversed by tapping on certain acupressure points and saying a certain phrase that expresses self-acceptance with the problem, one energetically re-polarizes the body so that consciously formulated intentions or a person’s desire match their recognizable actions. This principle could be very helpful to all professional counselors, coaches, etc., because only after dissolution of possibly existing psychic inversions any kind of treatment with long-lasting success becomes possible.
In addition, this method also involves working with different „directions of gaze“, humming or counting to activate the two hemispheres of the brain, as well as placing the hands on the forehead, the back of the head, the heart and, of course, on the important meridian treatment points. Finally, the desired target state is visualized and well anchored to make the treatment even more effective.


This method is used for stress resolution of any kind. In most cases, clients experience a lasting relief in relation to their stressful emotions, often in a matter of minutes, and space is created for helpful, opening patterns of belief and perception and new energetic structures. this serves to develop new resources.

Origin of the method

The beginnings of EDxTM™date back to the early 1960s when Dr. George Goodheart, Detroit chiropractor, used tapping on various acupuncture points for physical pain relief as part of a holistic approach to treating his patients. In the 1980s, psychiatrist Dr. John Diamond and psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan independently found new ways to treat mental health problems. Both found that tapping on acupuncture points helped in resolving negative emotions and distressing memories quickly and effectively. In 1998, Dr. Fred Gallo and Gary Craig, Ph.D., developed their own energetic approach and contributed significantly to the interest in learning and enthusiastic use of this method around the world today.

Contributions to EDxTM™