OEBK - Austrian Professional Association for Kinesiology


Kinesiology & Communication for humans, animals & nature

Method & History

EBCA® is a holistic method for energetic bodywork and communication for humans and animals that uses biofeedback/muscle testing as a communication bridge.

This communication happens in most cases on an unconscious and physical level. The respective behaviour of humans and animals can thus reflect the stress issues of the other. Working with EBCA® opens up deeper insights and awareness for oneself and others, and helps to create a better relationship between animals. It also leads to a better relationship and understanding between animals and their caregivers.

Tools/elements of EBCA® are:

  • Muscle testing/biofeedback as a communication bridge
  • Meridian work and acupressure points
  • The Five Elements according to Chinese theory
  • Work with chakras
  • Trigger point technique
  • Emotional stress release techniques
  • Breathing and relaxation exercises
  • The EBCA® Emotion Wheel according to the theory of the Five Elements and the Age Review enable a deeper processing of an energetic imbalance.

The EBCA® training and the final training to become an EBCA® Animal Communicator and/or an EBCA® Horse Communicator are offered. The EBCA® course series is divided from the fifth course onwards (=EBCA® V) into courses for humans & animals in general and courses for humans & horses.

For further information please contact the founder of this method Johanna Lehner.

Origin of the method

EBCA® was developed by Johanna Lehner. Through many years of intensive and successful individual work with animals & humans, the method - EBCA® was developed in 1991. From this Johanna Lehner developed and founded the training series EBCA®, which has been offered since 2002.

Contributions to EBCA®