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Body-Mind-Integration according to Frank Mahony

Method & History

Working on the structure, on the body, causes more than just physical well-being…

HYPERTON – X is a kinesiological method for „body-mind integration“.

The identification of tense tissue, the adequate relaxation of same, and the dissolution of associated disturbances are the topics of this work. Tense tissue hinders the simultaneous processing of incoming information, increases stress potential and disharmonies in the mental‑physical well-being, and blocks the body’s own abilities.

The areas of application of HYPERTON – X are wide-ranging:

  • Learning: to reduce learning difficulties and facilitate learning
  • Professional life and sports: to increase physical and mental performance and fitness
  • General: to reduce stress and to increase well-being

The work is suitable for people of all ages.

Origin of the method

The name Hyperton - X resulted from the realisation of its founder, Frank Mahony, that hypertonic, tense muscles have profound effects on body-mind integration.

Contributions to Hyperton-X