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Human Being Kinesiology

Method & History

MSK is the essence of Do-Ri Amtmann’s work with kinesiology after 25 years.

In her courses, she not only teaches the techniques and exercises of kinesiology, but also her personal experiences with it. Thus she is always an inspiration for people to take responsibility for their own lives by applying what they have learned in their daily lives.

First and foremost is the MSK 1 course „Having the Basis of Health“.  It is not only the best way to get out of one’s energy deficit, it is also still the best introduction to the large field of kinesiology!  This means that you can cover two areas at once:

  • on the one hand, doing something effective for oneself,
  • on the other hand, learning something that can be applied beyond time.

MSK is not a fashionable trend that will be replaced by another „star“ in a short time. The fact alone that Do-Ri has been teaching MSK 1 for more than 20 years is a sign of quality. Its content is still current, the effect of the exercises can still be experienced, and the change in everyday life is inevitable.

Regardless of the personal stage of development, MSK brings us important insights and can be used in EVERY area of life. MSK has been the beginning of a better life for many people, even when adverse circumstances could not be solved.

Do-Ri is happy to be able to help people to the basis of health. Everything else is built on this, it is truly the foundation!

Today Do-Ri defines „Being Human – Kinesiology“ as follows:

MSK gets people moving in such a way that they can experience the grace of divine working.

„Being human in spite of everything. To remain human with everything,and not let one’s human being wither away, when even the stars are already fading in the haze, frightened by the haunting of men.”

– Erich Mühsam, Mensch sein, 1919




The former EM-K (Eternal Movement – Kinesiology for Self-Healing) was renamed MSK (Human Being Kinesiology) by Do-Ri a few years ago. The contents are identical, the courses already completed can be credited.

Origin of the method

Contributions to MSK