OEBK - Austrian Professional Association for Kinesiology


Integrated perceptual Kinesiology

Method & History

is a basic kinesiology training that teaches basic kinesiological knowledge and how to put the techniques learned into practice.

This practice-oriented training offers a comprehensive, kinesiological toolkit in combination with selected techniques for communication for the successful implementation of kinesiology in the work with people.

By learning efficient techniques and training perception, it becomes possible to respond comprehensively to the client’s goals and to use communication in a targeted way.

New ways to increase concentration as well as physical and mental flexibility open up. The training focuses on the resources of the individual and works from an educational perspective to promote physical abilities, intellectual competence and emotional balance.

The training is aimed at people

  • who use kinesiology in their profession or practice (medical / therapeutic professions, social / nursing professions, psychological / curative education professions, teaching / educational staff) and would like to implement further areas of knowledge kinesiologically.
  • who would like to work on their personal development (stress-free contact with clients, stress-free work in the profession)
  • who advise people who want to give their life a new direction.

Origin of the method

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