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Training InnerDialogue

Training Content

• Cranial Fluid Dynamics -CFD

• Ontological Kinesiology -OK

• Being Human Constellation – BHC

Each of these 3 courses comprises 224 teaching units and concludes with a diploma. In addition, 4 supervisions with a trainer and practical work in peer groups are required. The OK-Basic module is a component of all courses and is credited if several courses are attended. Below is an overview of the course content, which may vary in terms of timing.

Course Cranial Fluid Dynamics – CFD

Course Ontological Kinesiology - OK

Course Being Human Constellation – BHC

Wilhelm Stephen Hruschka

The „Faculty of InnerDialogue“

has its seat with Wilhelm Stephen Hruschka in the Working Group Kinesiology. www.kinesiologie.cc

Contact: office@kinesiologie.cc
Tel.: +43 2252 78078
Mobile: +43 650 7778078
Place: Oberkirchengasse 25
A-2540 bath Vöslau

In all our seminar offers and also the activities around the ARGE platform we see ourselves involved in a consciousness development, which is not only characterized by the receipt of diplomas and certificates, even if this is a ritual component of our training courses. The dialogue with people in sessions and seminars, as well as the encounter with life in nature allow our consciousness to grow in a constant wonder and experience ourselves in our own bodies.

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