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Music Kinesiology

Method & History

The main concern of MUSIC KINESIOLOGY is to re-establish the connection between music, emotion, and the individual.

In music kinesiology, the focus is on the holistic application of music, so there is a lot of emphasis on the energetic effects of music on the individual and how to apply elements of music towards personal development and perhaps even healing.

Working with musical energies affects the entire being and can assist and support a person in processes of inner growth, development of personal strength, becoming whole, and healing.

Origin of the method

DR. ROSINA SONNENSCHMIDT and HARALD KNAUSS, both originally professional musicians, created the concept of music kinesiology as musicians for musicians. In addition to their music education, both completed sensitivity training in England, kinesiological training, and extensive independent related studies before creating the music kinesiology method and training.

Contributions to Music Kinesiology