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Rafferty Energy System of Easing the Temporomandibular joint

Method & History


Philip Raffertyis a simple and gentle balancing system that – without muscle testing – relaxes the jaw muscles and balances the TMJ and was developed by Australian Philip Rafferty as part of his extensive Kinergetics training.

The temporomandibular joint has an exceptionally strong influence on many areas of the body. Tension, emotions and stress tense the jaw muscles and the temporomandibular joint. This part of the head has an influence on almost all areas of our body including hydration through the skeleton, muscle cords, nerve and energy pathways (meridians). By energetically balancing the head region, tension can be released and the whole body can be positively affected. The balancing positions bring about the restoration of balance in this important system in a simple yet powerful way. You will notice the improvements already in the course.


RESET TMJ® 1 is supportive for dental and orthodontic treatments of any kind. You will learn in theory and practice the self-balance and the balance on the sitting and lying exercise partner.

Without previous knowledge – and yet you can give your first balance immediately after the seminar!


To carry out the „classic“ RESET TMJ® 1 session you need 40 minutes. This is not always possible in the daily work routine.

In this course you will learn specially composed RESET TMJ® positions for short treatments, which can be used flexibly for your clients and of course also for self-treatment: for daily use, as an 8-week program, as a minimum application at the end of a treatment, for short balances of 4 or 15 minutes, for relaxation, for support with certain complaints such as problems in the jaw area, for example. e.g. problems in the jaw area, tension in the neck, shoulder and back area, learning difficulties, headaches caused by tension, for support during orthodontic and dental treatment, braces, whiplash, chronic fatigue, for detoxification and purification …

Origin of the method

Contributions to RESET TMJ®