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Training Physioenergetics®

Training Content

The physioenergetics course series is an advanced training based on a completed professional training in the medical field. Since the courses build on each other, participation is only possible in ascending order.

The target audience for all courses, unless otherwise noted, is physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, midwives and members of other health care professions. Please enclose a passport photo and a copy of your training certificate with your registration for Physioenergetics 1.

Basic courses Physioenergetics®

In the physioenergetics courses, we want to specifically address specific therapeutic issues. In order to create a common basis for this for all professional groups, some preparatory basic courses are necessary, in which the most important basics are taught in brief. Participation in these courses is not necessary if you can prove this knowledge elsewhere.

Advanced Courses

Training content

Since the courses build on each other, participation is only possible in the specified order! The training course between course 2 and 3 is part of the course series and will be held at several locations in small groups; the course locations and dates for this will be announced after course 1.

Training Dates

The current training dates for the respective method you are looking for can be found under the menu item DATES.

Under Suche nach Terminen für Ausbildungen“ (Search for training dates)“ you can search specifically for method, course, organizer or venue.

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