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Our goal is to establish a transparent and high quality structure as the educational background of all kinesiologists.

For clients this gives thus a certain security and confidence to come into good hands with all problem definitions.

By a common appearance of all Kinesiologists in Austria under adherence to our worked out criteria, we would like to be asked and heard in the future as a recognized and in demand occupational group. We can only achieve this if we all pull together, and for this we need YOU!

There are regular network meetings among colleagues in all federal states. Just search under dates for events and meetings for the current dates.

The general meetings are also always a good opportunity to get to know kinesiologists from other federal states.

In March 2020 there was the 1st meeting day for Brain Gym in Austria. Again, more encounter days will follow at yearly intervals.

There are working groups that deal with a wide variety of topics. The best thing is to contact our service center with your ideas, then you will receive the appropriate contacts.

You can also write articles for our magazine IMPULSE or our blog.

At the beginning of each year you will receive a payment request for your membership fee, payable by the end of January. After receipt of payment we will send you a confirmation of payment and your membership card.

The membership period is automatically extended for another year, if no written notice of cancellation for the following year is received by November 30th of the current year.

For Level 1, however, the term is limited to a maximum of 3 years.

Account of the ÖBK at Raiffeisenbank Kleinmünchen Linz

IBAN: AT94 3422 6000 0033 2387

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