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InnerDialogue Method

Method & History

InnerDialogue is the umbrella term used to describe all of Solihin Thom’s specialist courses. The faculty seat is in the Working Group Kinesiology, in which Alicia and Solihin Thom are represented as an advisory board. InnerDialogue means

– to be in contact with oneself

– being with what (truly) is

– communicating and expressing one’s inner self

– inner encounter with oneself and other people

Common to all specialised courses is a basic module in ontological kinesiology. This has developed with its own test procedure from applied and clinical kinesiology. The muscle test procedure differs in this method mainly through the ontological attitude. Ontology, the doctrine of being, does not use the muscle test in a cause- or goal-oriented way. It is only seen as a tool that enables one to dive into a current presence and one’s own essence – to be with what (one oneself) is. This form of muscle testing continues to be an important component of all subsequent training modules. In terms of content, all seminars deal with the life forces that work in the human organism and also in larger systems (family, „organism company“, etc.). Depending on your primary interest, the three diploma courses are therefore a good starting point:

  1. craniosacral bodywork / „cranial fluid dynamics

  2. kinesiology (with mudras and files) / „ontological kinesiology“

  3. constellation work / „Being Human Constellation

Each of these three courses comprises 224 teaching units and concludes with a diploma. In addition, four supervisions with a trainer and practical work in peer groups are required. The OK-Basic module is a component of all courses and is credited if several courses are attended.


ad 1: Cranial Fluid Dynamics (CFD) course

This method is based on the organism’s own energy, the craniosacral pulsation. This was discovered by the osteopath William G. Sutherland and was first found in the head (cranium) and sacrum. This sensitive work with the hands led to the realisation that accompanying and supporting this natural vibration of the body gives it the opportunity to regenerate itself, to realign and adjust itself. In the Cranial Fluid Dynamics (CFD) method developed by Solihin Thom, further vibrational frequencies are distinguished and regarded as „mediators between the inner dispositions of the human being and the outer appearance“. From this point of view, bodywork means relying on the body’s own energies and letting them bring out the core of one’s being.

ad 2: Course Ontological Kinesiology (OK)

After completing the basic course in Ontological Kinesiology, this course teaches many further kinesiological techniques in a so-called systemic ontological attitude. This means a non‑interfering and being-oriented contact with what is. The dialogue with people as well as the encounter with life in nature allow in this way a human consciousness to grow in a constant amazement and to experience and express one’s own self in the body.

ad 3: Course Being Human Constellation (BHC)

After completing the basic course in Ontological Kinesiology, this course imparts an understanding of constellation work and systemic thinking as practised by Jakob Moreno, Bert Hellinger, and Jirina Prekop. Essential and complementary content in BHC is the „Life Forces – Model“, which was adopted and expanded from ancient teachings by Solihin Thom D.O. and Francois Reynolds. This life forces model enables a conscious examination of the forces inherent in the human being, which also work in systems in general and can be understood in constellation work. This is described in the book „Being Human“ by Alicia and Solihin Thom. It is now also available in German.

Origin of the method

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