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Neuroenergetic Kinesiology (NK)

Method & History

NK is a complementary natural healing method developed by Hugo Tobar. Knowledge from China and India that is already over 1000 years old has been used in combination in a new way to effectively release blockages or stress in the body. This allows the body’s self-healing powers to become active again.

By using meridians, acupressure points, nadis, and chakras, ancient knowledge is combined in a new method that can be very successful. NK works on the psyche, anatomy, and physiology via the energetic structure of the human being. Stress can thus be identified and dissolved in all areas.

Origin of the method

NK is the result of years of kinesiological research and practical experience. Hugo Tobar completed a four-year course of study under the guidance of Dr. Charles Krebs at the Kinesiology College in Melbourne. Before that, he spent three years in India studying Eastern philosophies.

Contributions to Neuroenergetic Kinesiology