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Training Brain Gym®, Edu-K & more
According to the international standards of the umbrella organization Breakthroughs International

The Foundation Breakthroughs International

The worldwide association is committed to the trademarked Brain Gym®/Edu-Kinestetik, LEAP and other related methods.

The organization was founded in 1987 and was called Educational Kinesiology Foundation. In 2017, the organization changed its name to Breakthroughs International.

The Foundation, with the support of more than 70 faculties worldwide, regulates trademark, curricula, documentation, certificates and quality around BG®/Edu-K.


Austria faculty of Breakthroughs International:

Maria Obermair

Christian Dillinger

Herbert Handler

The tasks of the faculties


  • Representation of Austrian Brain Gym® I/C/MF/trainees towards Breakthroughs International
  • Representation of Breakthroughs International towards Brain Gym® users/providers of all levels
  • Teaching advanced Edu-Kinestetics, Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant Training and Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator Training.
  • Working on the quality of Brain Gym® in Austria and internationally
  • Work on the quality of BG® users and qualifications of BG® providers
  • Implementing Brain Gym® in Austria – where and how it makes sense (projects of all kinds)
  • Establish information flow for and with all Brain Gym® participants
  • Establish and increase communication within the BG® community Austria-wide/internationally
  • Mentoring for Brain Gym® I/C/MF/trainees

Four basic courses of TfH (official IKC curriculum).

Regular continuing education is expected – as it is for other professionals.
Breakthroughs International requires continuing education. For more information, visit http://www.braingym.org/.

Brain Gym® is a worldwide registered trademark of Breakthroughs International, Santa Barbara, California, USA. Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved.

Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator https://breakthroughsinternational.org/programs/the-brain-gym-program/licensing-requirements/brain-gym-movement-facilitator-requirements/

BG® Instructor https://breakthroughsinternational.org/programs/the-brain-gym-program/licensing-requirements/brain-gym-instructor-requirements/

Of course, Brain Gym® 1+2 seminars can also be attended for private use only.

A participant of
Brain Gym® 1&2 may:

  • give Brain Gym® balances only in a private context and without invoicing.
  • However, he/she may give kinesiologic balances with Brain Gym® elements on account.
  • designates himself only as
    Brain Gym® Consultant in training or
    Brain Gym® Instructor in training

A participant of
Brain Gym® 1&2 may NOT:

  • offer Brain Gym® 1&2 seminars, lectures, workshops with Brain Gym® 1&2 content
  • not promote themselves as Brain Gym® Instructors and Consultants
  • use the logo without the wording “ Brain Gym® A, B or C in training“.

More trainings from Breakthroughs International

There are numerous other courses in the Brain Gym®/Edu-K program taught by licensed instructors. These include:

  • Optimal Brain Organization
  • Movement Dynamics
  • Creative Vision
  • Vision Circles
  • Double Doodle Play Day
  • Switched-On Golf
  • Total Core Repaterning
  • Movement Re-Education, Whole Brain Learning

Training Dates

The current training dates for the respective method you are looking for can be found under the menu item DATES.

Under Suche nach Terminen für Ausbildungen“ (Search for training dates)“ you can search specifically for method, course, organizer or venue.

Descriptions only available in German.