OEBK - Austrian Professional Association for Kinesiology


Developmental Kinesiology
according to Renate Wennekes and Angelika Stiller

Method & History

The developmental kinesiology training designed by Renate Wennekes and Angelika Stiller enables you to work competently with all topics of early childhood development:

  • Conception and decision
  • senses
  • pregnancy
  • Growth
  • Reflexes and reactions
  • Birth and change
  • motor development
  • speech and manual dexterity

The contents experienced in the courses are deepened and enriched with practical experiences.


The seminars are for in-depth training in developmental kinesiology.

Workshop have been created as a support for parents as day courses that give self-awareness, security and joy in dealing with children.

Origin of the method

Renate Wennekes (pedagogue, kinesiologist) and Angelika Stiller (occupational therapist, kinesiologist) had the idea in the early 90s to investigate the background of Brain Gym® movement activities.

However, early childhood reflexes, sensory perception and motor development proved to be so important for personal development and learning processes that they quickly developed their own courses and new balancing methods to accompany well the essential transitions of our human existence from conception through pregnancy and birth to the „first unfolding of being human“ in childhood.

Contributions to Developmental Kinesiology