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OEBK – is a non-profit association with the goal of bringing together Austrian kinesiology professionals for education, training, and approval of quality standards.

We want each member to promote the work of the OEBK to the public and to be involved with researching and documenting the effects of kinesiology on the human being.


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Certified Kinesiology Methods

Overview of kinesiology methods
certified by the OEBK (Austrian Professional Association for Kinesiology)

The kinesiology education in Austria is as diverse as the interests, focuses and experiences of the seminar providers on the market. The ÖBK has made it its business to define some quality standards in the training and the methods used. Many are internationally regulated, others reflect the experience of kinesiologists working in Austria. These standards are evaluated on an ongoing basis.

● There are the „Classical Methods“ which are taught internationally and are recognized by the Austrian Professional Association of Kinesiology. Instructors of these courses are required to complete periodic updates in the appropriate faculties.

● Many „Regional Methods“ offer their own training paths, which have been recognized in whole or in part as kinesiology training by the ÖBK after careful examination of the contents.

● Furthermore, there are „Complementary Kinesiology Methods„, which alone do not represent a complete Kinesiology education, but offer small but fine additions and balancing possibilities to any basic Kinesiology education.

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